One on one engagements with TACK10’s senior executives or subject matter experts. 

The focus of ExecuLink is to ensure executives and organizations can engage one-on-one with TACK10 team members on either a formal or flexible basis. The three options have been designed and developed as engagements that would not in normal circumstances exceed six months. These engagements support our proprietary products, tools and services; CornerStone™ Partnership, LightHouse™ CSR, PeriScope™ Business and our seminar and workshop series.

1. Executive-as-a-Service (EAAS): There is often a desire pre-engagement or post-project to engage senior executives or subject matter experts through an on-call model or fluid engagement. This program was designed so you could tap into a specific resource when and as needed for a specific project, set of hours, for ongoing development or as a sounding board.

2. Interim / Fractional Executives: There are many reasons why organizations find themselves needing the support of an interim executive. Sometimes it is going to be a new role that they want a proven professional to come in and establish the framework for, sometimes an organization needs a to fill a vacancy for a short period to ensure momentum is not lost and sometimes things just do not go as planned and a known entity performer is needed.

3. Training & Coaching: Available as one-on-one or group model, this offering is task and performance oriented with training being focussed on transferring knowledge while coaching focusses on enhancing knowledge. These are shorter term engagements and very practical in nature.