T10 Methodology

Our proprietary methodology builds on our founding partners’ extensive industry experience, with emphasis on their time in the product engineering and professional services sectors. It takes subjective Human Centered Design combined with objective Design Thinking and overlays those ideologies on a process that has proven itself to consistently deliver unparalleled measurable results against our clients’ organizational objectives.


Evaluate:  First Pillar

Analyze and understand current performance, identify opportunities and challenges

When considering the first pillar of TACK10’s methodology, Evaluate, it is important to think broadly and with purpose. This pillar is of paramount importance as it builds the foundation for any engagement. Organizations are complex and both their internal and external spheres of influence impact all facets of how and why they operate the way they do. For an evaluation to be comprehensive, it is important that it assesses all spheres of influence. This should include:


Assessment of where the organization is and the current direction

An organization must understand itself and its position clearly before engaging in any further action. This can be high level for smaller engagements or extremely in depth.


Benchmark Grading

Once an organization understands where it is, it is important to know how that compares to competitors and the industry landscape as a whole.


Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder positions and perspectives are extremely valuable when building a foundation to move forward from. Often overlooked is engagement with audience segments who deliberately said no to your offering.  Some of the greatest insight is derived by understanding the drivers within this segment of stakeholders.


Bridged SWOT Analysis

This can be viewed as the final report for this phase of work. A Bridged SWOT analysis model was created by TACK10 to maximize the value of the information contained in a traditional SWOT analysis. It takes the standard model of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and introduces inter-connectivity between each item in all four quadrants, overlaying motivators, trends and insights to deliver a robust model that forms the foundation for future action.


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Evaluate is the first pillar in TACK10’s proprietary methodology. To read about our second pillar of our process, Define… Read Define here.