Last week we released a list of our top ten strategic partnerships of 2016, as part of our TACK10 Tuesday Top series. What we learned while looking back at such an amazing year, is that 2016 saw a diverse range of partnership projects created by a number of top name brands. Today we take a deeper look at one of the most influential relationships from the list; UNICEF and Target for the Kid Power Band.

UNICEF is an international organization that aims to fight for the rights of children across the globe through initiatives that provide food, water, shelter, education, and more. UNICEF is funded entirely by donations and regularly partners with brands, governments and other corporations to work toward its mission of providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries and beyond.

As a department store giant aiming to provide quality products at reasonable prices, Target is also highly involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives. Among their topics of interest are wellness, education, sustainability, volunteerism, and safety and preparedness, which align them well within UNICEF’s mission.

Together, UNICEF and Target created the Kid Power Band, a wearable device that helps children tell time, tracks their fitness levels, and lets them earn rewards for performing physical activity. Those rewards are then cashed in for therapeutic food packets delivered to families in need across the globe. With this product, children are encouraged to stay active, and to become agents of change, working to help kids less fortunate than them. The Kid Power Band is sold exclusively through Target.

Though UNICEF and Target partnered up in 2015 for this initiative, the Kid Power Band project evolved throughout 2016, making it relevant to our list. From UNICEF’s choice of Target as a partner, straight through to the development and sale of the product, this alliance hits all the right points required in a successful strategic partnership.

Clear Target Audience
The Kid Power Band is clearly a product for children, making Target a good choice as an exclusive retailer, since its target audience is families. This means that UNICEF’s message of helping those in need hits both adults and their children at the same time. According to Jeff Lotman at Entrepreneur, Target as an exclusive retailer of the Kid Power Band means the product reaches a projected audience of 70,000 kids in one year.

Right Mediums for Communication
UNICEF and Target together cover all relevant communication channels for the Kid Power Band – online, app and retail. Through the companion app and unique website, kids and their parents are provided with more information and the simplified tracking of steps taken and rewards earned/donated.

Becoming the exclusive retailer of the Kid Power Band benefits Target immensely, providing a new revenue stream and positioning the company as one that is socially aware and acting for change. Target has also engaged in a donor program, where the company donates $10 to UNICEF for every band purchased between October 13, 2016 and December 31, 2016. That means you still have two days to make your purchase count!

Strong Message
The Kid Power Band’s strong message of social good, aimed at children, creates a pull for the continued use and ongoing development of a relationship with the product.

To date, over 200,000 Kid Power Bands have been sold and over 5.2 million therapeutic food packets have been unlocked and donated to developing countries, making this partnership an obvious success for not only Target and UNICEF, but for the lives that are being saved due to their project.