Leadership development through training, coaching and mentoring.  

We have formalized our ability to work with leaders from a manager level and up in order to address a need with our clients for resource optimization that support our proprietary products, tools and services; CornerStone™ Partnership, LightHouse™ CSR, PeriScope™ Business and our seminar and workshop series. These engagements tend to run from three to twelve months.

1. Training & Coaching: Available as one-on-one or group model, this offering is task and performance oriented with training being focussed on transferring knowledge while coaching focusses on enhancing knowledge. These are shorter term engagements and very practical in nature.

2. Mentoring: Exclusively offered as one on one engagements, this offering is quite limited in its availability due to the longer-term engagement and personal nature of the relationship and trust being built between the mentor and mentee. Mentoring is about building capability and allowing mentees to develop their own knowledge through the learning that comes from the mentorship journey.