If you have developed an idea for a new product, created the prototype and are now looking for the right avenue to fund an initial manufacturing run, crowdfunding might be for you. If your campaign is successful, you will not only fund the initial production run, you will also have proven there is a market for the product which is advantageous in future retailer discussions. In crowdfunding, the video is the single most important campaign element. Campaigns with videos generate 114% more money than those without. Below are tips for creating the best crowdfunding video possible to support a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Indiegogo Video Guidelines (per study by Peter Diamandis)

  • Optimal time for an Indiegogo video is between 3:00 and 3:30 minutes with 3:16 as the ideal
  • Video should showcase the product in 3 use cases
  • The video should be shareable
  • The video should showcase the reliability of the company/individuals bringing the product to market
  • Humanization of the company personalities increases success
  • Video should have a protagonist: A celebrity or face. CEO or charismatic character in the company.

Indiegogo video must showcase

  1. Team
  2. The Product
  3. Use cases
  4. Most importantly, prove beyond any doubt that the product will be manufactured and shipped.

All of the great crowdfunding campaign videos demonstrate to the customer several different use cases. However, each individual use case can also be used as a promotional video for marketing campaigns to specifically target individuals who can relate to that use case.

Be sure not to cut corners on your crowdfunding campaign video – this is your first impression and the best tool to sell someone on your product.