CornerStone™ Partnership

Award-winning, comprehensive set of strategic partnership products, tools and services for Brands, Causes, Properties and SMEs.

Partnership portfolios need to go well beyond traditional sponsorship. Strategic partnership has the ability to deliver against nine core value drivers of which only one is sponsorship revenue. A strategic partnership is an agreement between two or more organizations to create shared benefit of equal or similar value. The purpose of entering into such agreements is that alone, an organization’s potential is limited by its internal constraints. Through leveraging the key value drivers of strategic partnerships, organization’s have the ability to dramatically reduce or eliminate these constraints.

CornerStone is delivered through TACK10’s proprietary five pillar methodology. Individually or when leveraged as the comprehensive CornerStone™ Partnership package, the 17 core components of the program have proven that partnerships deliver unparalleled measurable results against organizational objectives for all organization architypes.

1. Evaluate
•  Assessment of where the organization is in the Partnership Lifecycle
•  Partnership Benchmark Grading
•  Stakeholder Engagement
•  Bridged Partnership SWOT analysis of organizational, departmental and / or program

2. Define
•  Strategic goals & objectives that can be advanced or achieved through partnerships
•  KPIs for partnerships attached to each organizational objective
•  Resource Allocation

3. Strategize
•  Determine ideal partnership portfolio mix to deliver on KPIs
•  Establish requirements of each type of partnership

4. Perform
•  Partnership ScoreCard
•  Partnership valuation and measurement tools
•  Proposal management and evaluation tools
•  Partnership governance models and tools
•  Negotiation of partnerships

5. Measure
•  Reporting models and templates
•  Audit of partnership portfolio
•  Partnership portfolio refinement through re-application of methodology based on results


•  Streams: Choose from either the Brand, Cause, Property or SME stream.
•  Outcomes: Organizations will have a robust program through which they can assess and value any prospective or existing sponsorship or partnership. Program managers and leaders will be able to articulate the rationale and return on investment of every relationship to organizational executives and external stakeholders.
•  Availability: As individual off the shelf products and tools for license, as customized products, tools and services, or combined as the comprehensive CornerStone™ Partnership solution.