Many of us have heard the phrase “consistency is key”, whether that be in business or in our personal lives. People often talk about working hard and doing a task well, but there is a difference between working hard and working hard consistently. Consistency plays a big role in the way an organization is viewed and operates. A consistent organization builds trust among consumers no matter what market they are in. A business might have a kick-ass strategy, but it may not mean much unless it is executed consistently. Consistency allows your business to grow and is the foundation of all operations. In this week’s blog post, we are looking at why consistency is critical within an organization.

Accurate Measurement
When an organization is implementing something new like a strategy or process, having consistency through that implementation will ensure you get back reliable results during the measurement phase. It can be very difficult to see whether or not a strategy or process can work effectively in an organization if it was not stuck to consistently in the first place. It is crucial to be able to measure all programs put in place as it is the best opportunity to learn. Effectiveness cannot be measured if it is not being performed in a consistent manner.

Build Reputation
When an organization delivers consistently, stakeholders begin to gain trust and eventually, the organization can build a strong reputation. When growing a business, there must be a track record of success. If an organization is unclear in their delivery and is constantly shifting gears – it can cause confusion and a lack of trust among not only customers but everybody involved in the business. Our Account Coordinator Zana Petric says “it is not about having the best product or service, it is about delivering consistently to your customers. I go to the same sandwich shop on my lunch breaks because I know the service and quality I will get is the exact same every time. It is not the most amazing sandwich shop in the world – but what they do offer, they offer consistently.” This is also important within an organization, companies should be consistent with their employees. The best way to do this is build strong everyday habits. This can be done through standardized processes so everybody knows what they should be doing and what is expected of them. Inconsistency is energy draining, habitual efforts make way for a consistent organization.

Keep Evolving
It is important to note that consistency does not need to turn into compliance. It is still critical to be flexible as an organization and always continue to learn and evaluate. Staying consistent does not mean your organization is stiff and robotic. When done correctly, a consistent business still has the ability to be flexible when necessary. After all, an music artist can release dozens of different songs while consistently staying true to his or her unique sound.

Final Bell
Consistency can impact many areas of an organization, playing a key role in measurement and building an organizations reputation. Inconsistency is often viewed as ineffectiveness – which is why staying consistent is critical to the long-term success of a business.