At Hamilton-based Collective Arts Brewing, life is about more than selling beer. The “grassroots beer company” focuses its efforts on not only creating a wide variety of brews, but on supporting and promoting talented visual artists and musicians. From its partnership with Indie 88 to record stripped-down, “Black Box Sessions” of favourite Indie musicians, to showcasing visual art on its packaging, Collective Arts has been taking creative marketing to a new level.

Collective Arts’ website does indeed promote its products, but it does so in more of the way of a blog or lifestyle website, something that matches the mission of the brewery, which in part is to raise “creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer.” From user-generated blog posts to Collective Arts merchandise for sale, to interviews with the artists they feature, the brewery does a good job of managing its online marketing while maintaining its brand purpose.

Even more impressive is Collective Arts’ offline marketing, and the partnerships that help shape it. The Collective Arts Black Box Sessions with Indie 88 have featured artists as big as Band of Horses, Jimmy Eat World, and Emily Haines from Metric just to name a few. The series has become a household name for Indie 88 listeners and Collective Arts drinkers alike.

The defining feature of Collective Arts’ products, and the “P of Marketing” that the brewery excels at, is its packaging. Recently featured in Strategy Magazine, the cans Collective Arts chooses for its beers are far from the status quo. With their aim of fusing craft beer with the talents of emerging artists, Collective Arts uses its cans as a way of showcasing art directly, often changing its packaging designs to feature new artists and works. Series 8 of its artistic cans, out now, features 63 curated labels with 49 visual artists and 14 musicians from around the world. Adding an AR component to the experience, Collective Arts app users can scan a can to learn more about the artist and his or her other works.

With a multi-channel marketing strategy that successfully captures the brand’s voice and purpose, Collective Arts Brewing sets itself apart from its competition and positions itself well for the long run – the key results of good creative marketing.