What were you doing at age 12? Were you launching your own company, writing a best-selling book, speaking at events across the country, or thinking about changing the school system? Neither was Eric Lassard… but that’s only because the now 12-year-old had accomplished all of those things before this year.

Lassard has written two books and co-written one, and has spoken at over 80 events in Ireland, the United States and beyond, and is the founder of six companies… not including the first website he built, two apps in the making, and a new learning platform he plans to launch in the next two weeks.

Lassard’s journey began when he was just 7 years old and living in Ireland. After switching from a Montessori school to the public school system, he noticed a complete change in not only the curriculum, but the overall attitude of the teachers and students. Lassard eventually switched to homeschooling, which is where he began developing an interest in online alternative education – an interest that has fuelled much of his work.

How do you find balance between work, school, friends and family?
I am home educated, but very disciplined. As I love learning, this is more fun for me. Work is my passion so that is good too. My friends are mostly coders and tech people so when we get together we talk about these things. I love travelling and meeting new people. I attend lots of workshops and events in tech and self-development.

You must have worked with a lot of successful adults in your life. How do they usually view you and your business strategies?
They usually love that I can combine old school with tech school. They share with me strategies and I share with them technology and social media. Once we talk and they see that I really know my stuff, they forget about my age. There are a few who have said ‘this is just insane to talk business with a kid’ but then they end up saying ‘what’s next?’

How do you do things differently than an adult entrepreneur?
I am fearless. I consider failure a party of the process. I do not consider mistakes a bad thing. I learn from them and go from there. I also ask for help! Many adults have a problem with asking. I always encourage them to because I think asking for help is a sign of intelligence.

What do you think adult entrepreneurs can learn from you?
Non-judgmental thinking! I do not look at people and see their age, height, race or gender. I see the extraordinary potential in all of them. I don’t care if they learned in school, or have certificates, or just figured out how to do something, I look for their results!

What’s coming up for Lassard? After a book tour in San Francisco, he’ll be focusing on launching his learning platform, Airschool.Tv, which he hopes will become the number one site for alternative education. His goal within the next few years is summarized in a quote: “I don’t want to tell you how to do it, I want to show you how I did it.”

We can all learn from this incredible young leader. Regardless of whether you have been in the same role for fifteen years or are considering launching your own company, be fearless in your actions and apply the learnings that come from failures to your next endeavor. Have you done something extraordinary in the business, marketing or sales industries, or know someone who has? Nominate yourself or a colleague to be featured in a future TACK10 interview by mentioning us on social media at @TACK10Strategy.