Do you know how much water the average Canadian uses per year? Or which industry uses the greatest proportion of Canada’s fresh water? You will, after visiting University of Toronto Engineering’s activation at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition!

The 139th annual CNE, which launched today and will be welcoming over 1.5 million guests through its doors at Exhibition Place over the next 18 days, has long been a proponent for the environment, earning a reputation as one of North America’s greenest fairs. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that one of the CNE’s newest partners for 2017 is U of T Engineering, a group that has developed an incredible activation that involves interaction, social engagement, giveaways, and a cause component.

A CNE water bottle refill station branded with U of T material“The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering brings together a critical mass of leading water researchers in a wide range of fields working to address global water challenges – from water distribution and quality to scarcity. We created the #EveryDropMatters activation for the CNE as a fun and interactive way to educate the general public on the work of our water researchers,” says Shilpa Gantotti, Communications Strategist at University of Toronto Engineering.

Katherine Scott, TACK10’s Manager of Strategy, was impressed with how the multi-layered activation came together on site. “The activation was customized, digitally measured, socially responsible and simultaneously collecting research…. A brilliant marketing tool to showcase U of T Engineering’s capabilities,” says Katherine, who played an integral part in the development of this partnership.

“In addition, U of T branded each water station across the Exhibition Grounds to extend the footprint and maximize their connectivity to water preservation,” she said.

The Activation:
• Guests take a quiz on their smartphone to test their knowledge about water consumption in Canada
• Once the quiz is complete, guests approach one of U of T Engineering’s custom vending machines to receive a secret PIN number
• The guest enters their custom PIN into the space allotted on the website, and a reusable, collapsible water bottle is dispensed
• Guests can fill their new water bottle at a water refill station directly across the street from the activation

“It’s been wonderful to see so many people learning about water consumption through our quiz,” adds Shilpa. “During our time at the CNE, we hope to ‘flood’ social media with tweets and posts encouraging others to take the #EveryDropMatters quiz at”

Visit U of T Engineering, get a free water bottle, and learn about how #EveryDropMatters on Quebec Street south of the Parkour Show this weekend and next at the CNE.