The CNE Innovation Garage is in full force this weekend with presenting partner, Futurpreneur Canada! Entering its second year, the CNE Innovation Garage offers guests an opportunity to connect with Canadian entrepreneurs, forward-thinking students and innovators alike, as well as participate in the Emerging Innovators Pitch Competition.

As presenting partner, Futurpreneur leaders judge the pitch competition and present the $25,000 grand prize to the most inspiring and innovative presenters on Sunday, August 20th. To motivate and excite the competitors, Futurpreneur brought in three client businesses to share, discuss and inspire patrons through their creations:

Founder of EntreLaunch, Rebecca Palmer (left) is excited to bring the discussion to the CNE Innovation Garage to encourage conversation with teens and tweens and spark ideas. “I would love to bring our signature event, the Impact Cup to the CNE in 2018 to expose youth and the general public to the skills and amazing ideas possessed by young entrepreneurs. The CNE Innovation Garage is the perfect place to showcase the entrepreneurial process through the rapid-paced Impact Cup event.”

Founder of Aorte Fitness Inc, Robert Carriere (top) says he brings his invention to the CNE “to show consumers what the Kinetic Resistance Apparatus can do for patients who have lost core balance, strength and stability in their bodies through paralysis or stroke.” With Robert’s inspiring story about living with a paralyzed left foot, he shows patrons how he used his invention to get his strength back to be able to live normally with a bodily impairment.

Brothers and Founders of Pressa Bottle™, Luke and Jesse Hambly (right) connected with CNE Patrons about their invention, the Pressa Bottle™. The Pressa Bottle improves the infused water experience and is now sold internationally. “We brought the last of our inventory to the CNE Innovation Garage to share our story and show students and families how we were able to become successful young entrepreneurs right out of college,” they said.

The Activation:
• Futurpreneur leaders judge and provide valuable insight to the pitch competition
• Extend reach on the CNE Innovation Garage webinar
• Present the pitch competition awards on Sunday, August 20th
• Engage with CNE patrons and provide sales opportunities for Futurpreneur client businesses

“This has been a fantastic integrated partnership” says TACK10’s Executive Vice President, Laura Richard. “From bringing in their own sponsors to share the benefits of the relationship, providing their client entrepreneurs with the opportunity to engage directly with the public and highlighting their services with pitch competition participants through a preparatory webinar on delivering the perfect pitch.”

Futurpreneur is showing students, families and innovators this weekend that it is certainly possible to be the business leaders of tomorrow! Learn more about Futurpreneur Canada on their website, Facebook or Twitter page.

Follow the CNE Innovation Garage this weekend on Twitter, @cneinnovation and use the hashtag #CNEInnovation!