No better partner than Pop Shoppe to be on-site for the final weekend of the CNE 2017 to celebrate the fair’s 139th year and become TACK10’s final partner feature. The soda pop brand was at the CNE Mustang Rally sampling the Pop Shoppe “Hard Soda” alcohol products. Blue Spike took the popularity of the non-alcoholic flavours from Pop Shoppe’s rich portfolio of soda recipes from the past to launch the alcoholic “Hard Sodas” which comes in two flavours: Hard Cream Soda and Hard Lime Ricky.

Laura Richard, Executive Vice President of TACK10 was excited to try Pop Shoppe Hard Sodas on-site this weekend. Richard commented, “Visitors to the CNE love to try new foods and beverages. Pop Shoppe hard alcohol is quite new to the market and as consumers are in the mindset for product trial this is an ideal site for Pop Shoppe to showcase its products.” Situated at the Mustang Rally, 30+ vintage mustangs were lined up on display bringing in Baby Boomers, Gen Xs and automobile fanatics alike. Offering a chance to go down memory lane or lay eyes on special edition Mustang vehicles, Pop Shoppe followed suit.

“Given the CNE’s rich history and focus on fun, The Pop Shoppe is a natural addition to the alcoholic beverage lineup. It adds to the sense of nostalgia that so many CNE visitors feel while on-site, in such a fun way!” Megan Kimmerer, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at TACK10 stated. This long term partnership is set up for success as the CNE will look to integrate the product into bars on-site offering the hard soda’s for the full 18-days of the exhibition.

The Partnership:

  • Supporting partner of the CNE
  • Pop Shoppe Hard Soda sampling activation tent from August 1st – 3rd 2017 at the CNE Mustang Rally
  • Product offered for sale at select bars over the final weekend of the CNE (Aug 1st – 3rd 2017)
  • Product integration for 2018

Whether you have nostalgia about the bright red crates of Pop Shoppe from your past or you are simply tasting the sweet soda recipes for the first time, Pop Shoppe is here to stay! Follow Pop Shoppe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and find Pop Shoppe Hard Soda at an LCBO near you!

Happy Labour Day Weekend!