From unique concoctions that test the taste buds to traditional comfort foods that remind guests of their childhood visits to the CNE, food is always a major draw through Exhibition Place for what many consider the last two weeks of summer. This year one traditional food partner, Pizza Nova, is making its way through the grounds in a number of key areas.

As an official Program Partner of the CNE, Pizza Nova presents the popular $8 After 5pm ticket promotion that allows guests to pay just $8 at the gates or online from 5pm onwards every Monday-Thursday evening of the CNE (except Labour Day Monday). Also back this year is the Pizza Nova Pizza Making shop, an interactive experience for children within Kids’ World.

Critical to the success of a partnership is how brands activate and engage with CNE visitors on site. The CNE is sure to bring in crowds, but it is how brands engage that makes the biggest impact on their overall success,” says James Chalmers, TACK10’s Group President and CEO. “Pizza Nova has developed a fantastic program over the years delivering an educational and entertaining pizza making workshop for children in Kids’ World. This program is a fan favourite and every workshop is at capacity on a daily basis. This program goes far in terms of building consumer loyalty to Pizza Nova.

The Pizza Nova Pizza Making experience, outfitted like a Pizza Nova storefront on Kids’ Street, allows children of all ages to learn from Pizza Nova professionals on how to knead and flip pizza dough, and properly place the perfect toppings. When the workshop is completed, the kids can celebrate with a free slice of their favourite pizza.

The Partnership
• Recognized as an official Program Partner of the CNE
• Presenter of the popular $8 After 5pm Promotion
• Pizza Nova concessions in Kids’ World and the Food Building serving $5 slices of cheese, pepperoni, or veggie pizza
• Pizza Nova Pizza Making shop in Kids’ World for interaction and visibility with kids and their parents
• Pizza Nova is part of the “crazy food” trend at the CNE, with their carbon black pizza dough which uses a tasteless and odourless vegetable charcoal to give dough a black and smoky appearance!
• Inclusion in multiple marketing materials and channels

As a long standing partner of the Canadian National Exhibition, Pizza Nova works alongside the CNE to leverage key learnings year over year, continually striving to create more value for one another and for consumers,” says Laura Richard, TACK10’s Executive Vice President. “This year, consumers in the GTHA will see joint communications through numerous marketing channels, from direct mail to radio, consistently communicating the value proposition of the partnership.

Be sure to visit Pizza Nova at the CNE for a $5 slice of comfort, try out the carbon black variety, or turn your kids into pizza experts at the Pizza Making workshop!